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November 27, 2018


Path of Naam Simran – Concept of Sikh meditation explained as a true path of salvation.


May 17, 2018


Sri Guru Amardas Ji – A detailed biography of Guru Amardas Ji posted.


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A.G. - Adi Granth

G.N.C. - Guru Nanak Chamaikar by Bhai Vir Singh

J.B. (MSS I) - Janam Sakhi Bhai Bala, a MSS copy 1826 A.D. (.Author's Copy)

J.B. (MSS II or Dacca MSS) - Janam Sakhi Bhai Bala written by the Granthi of Dacca in 1869 A.D. (Author’s Copy)

J.B. (L I) - Janam Sakhi Bhai Bala, Litho-copy printed published by Buta Singh Lahore 1886 A.D.

J.B. (L II') - Janam Sakhi Bhai Bala, Lithoprint, Amritsar 1889 A.D.

(Other MSS copies referred are given in Bibliography. I have completely rejected Handalya version of Bala's Janam Sakhi, and all printed versions after Gulab Singh and Sons publication, which also is modernised and corrupted version)

J.M.S (MSS) - Janam Sakhi Bhai Mani Singh (1839 A.D.) Author's Copy

J.M.S (L I) - Janam Sakhi Bhai Mani Singh, Litho-copy; Bombay Nanakshahi 423, 1892 A.D.

J.M.S (L II) - Janam Sakhi Bhai Mani Singh, Litho copy, Amritsar, 1894 A.D.

J. Mb (MSS) - Janam Sakhi Meharban (Khalsa College MSS) now published.

M.K. - Mahan Kosh by Bhai Kahan Singh, Patiala

N.P. - Nanak Prakash by Kavi Santokh Singh Ed by Bhai Vir Singh

P.J. (MSS I) - Colebrook’s MSS, photozincograph Fascimile 1885; (a copy with the author). Published versions by Macauliffe and Bhai Vir Singh. There is no material difference between the two. It is also called Valayat wali Janam Sakhl

P.J. (MSS II) - This is perhaps the only complete copy of this Janom Sakhi. All the passages missing in Colebrooke’s MSS and Rawalpindi MSS (Hafizabad wali) are found in it. The name of the copyist is also given.

P.P. - Panth Parkash by Gyani Gyan Singh.

S.B.M.S. - Sikhah di Bhagatmala by Bhai Mam Singh (MSS copy) and those published by Gulab Singh and Sons, and Khalsa Samachar Amritsar are also used.

T.G.K. - Tawnrikh Guru Khalsa by Gyani Gyan Singh.