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November 27, 2018


Path of Naam Simran – Concept of Sikh meditation explained as a true path of salvation.


May 17, 2018


Sri Guru Amardas Ji – A detailed biography of Guru Amardas Ji posted.


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Apendix II - Ramkali Sadd (The Call of Death)

There is but one God. By True Guru's grace, He is obtained. He is the Beneficent Lord of the universe and the Lover of His devotees in the three worlds. He who is merged in the Guru's word, knows not another without the Lord. Under the Guru's instruction he knows not another and contemplates the One Name. By the grace of Guru Nanak and Guru Angad, Amar Das obtained the supreme status. When the call came for him to depart, Guru Amar Das was absorbed in the Lord God's Name. In this world, by meditation, he obtained the imperishable, immovable and immeasurable Lord God. God's Will the Guru gladly accepted and the Guru reached the Lord God's presence. The True Guru prays to his God, "Save Thou mine honour. This alone is my supplication." My immaculate Lord Master, protect Thou the honour of Thy slave and bless him with Thy Name. At this time of final departure, Thy Name alone is my scourer and destroys death and death's myrmidons. The Lord God heard the supplication and granted the True Guru's request. Extending His mercy, God blended the True Guru with Himself and said "Blessed ! blessed ! bravo !" Hearken, O my disciples, sons and brothers, my God Wills that I now go to Him. The Lord's Will seemed sweet unto the Guru and my Lord God applauded him. He alone is the devotee, the True Guru and the sublime person to whom the Lord Master's Will is pleasing. The unbeaten musical instruments joyously play and God Himself embraces the Guru to His bosom. Ye, O my sons, brothers and kindreds, carefully discriminate in your mind and see. The Lord's Writ-Death Warrant, can be returned not uncomplied with and the Guru goes to the God Lord. The Guru of his own sweet will sat up and called his family. Let no one weep for me, after I am gone. That is not at all pleasing to me. When the friend receives a robe of honour then the friends, who desire their friend's honour, are pleased. Consider and see ye my sons and brothers, if it is good to wail, when the Lord is clothing the True Guru with a robe of honour. The True Guru sat up and in his presence himself appointed the successor to his spiritual throne. He made all his Sikhs, relations, sons and brethren fall at the feet of Ram Das. In the end the True Guru said, "After me sing the praises of the Pure Lord alone." Call in only the Lord of beauteous hair instead of Pandit and read the Lord God's gospel instead of Puran. Read only the God's gospel, hear only the God's Name. The Guru likes the Lord's love instead of the lofty bier, barley rolls, food on leaves, Hindu funeral rites, lamps and throwing the bones into the Ganges. The True Guru spoke, as it pleased God and he got blended with God, the Omniscient Lord. The Guru blessed Ram Das Sodhi with the Guru's status, which is the token of being the embodiment of the True lord. As spoke the Divine True Guru so the Guru-Sikhs obeyed his Will. His son Mohri became obedient to him and he made him fall at the feet of Ram Das. Then all fell at the feet of the True Guru, (in whom) or (where) the Guru had enshrined his spirit. If anyone, through spite bowed not; Him too the True Guru afterwards brought to bow before Ram Das. It pleased the Guru God to bestow magnificence on Ram Das. Such was the preordained writ of the Lord's Will. Says Sunder, hearken, O saints, the whole world fell at Ram Das's feet. (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, p. 923 – English translation, Vol. I, by Manmohan Singh, 3007-3011).