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November 27, 2018


Path of Naam Simran – Concept of Sikh meditation explained as a true path of salvation.


May 17, 2018


Sri Guru Amardas Ji – A detailed biography of Guru Amardas Ji posted.


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Sikhism and Islam

General Articles

Islam in Gurbani - Guru Ji's message concerning Islam.

Misconceptions - This article answers the misconceptions about Guru Nanak Dev Ji being influenced by Islam and Bhagat Kabeer Ji.

Sikhism and Islam - This article talks about the major overall differences between the two faiths.

Comparative View on Women - This article specifically talks about women's roles and rights in Sikhism compared to Islam.


The True Savior - Refutation to the expendable wife article attacking Guru Nanak Sahib.

Falsehood of Islam - Response to Umar's article exposing true face of Islam.

Contradicting Allah - Response to Muslims questioning Nirgun Sargun concept.

The Abusive Book - Examining verse 4:34 which allows husbands to beat their wives.

Blind Inequality - Refuting "Blind Equality" article. Discusses women's rights in Sikhi and Islam.

Authenticity of the True Path - Discusses authenticity of Sikhi especially the rehat maryada compared to Islamic practices.

Satguru is Always Awake - Rebuttal to "The Sleeping Book" article. Evaluating idol worship in Sikhi and Islam.


10 Questions Part 1 - Answering 10 questions about Sikhi raised by Umar.

10 Questions Part 2 - Second rebuttal to Umar's response.

10 Questions Part 3 - Third rebuttal in the series.