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November 27, 2018


Path of Naam Simran – Concept of Sikh meditation explained as a true path of salvation.


May 17, 2018


Sri Guru Amardas Ji – A detailed biography of Guru Amardas Ji posted.


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Amrit Sanchaar Principles

The instructions that are given at the time of administering Baptism, considering that one can see that Khalsa is distinct from the Hindus and other religions.

i. Today you are born in the house of the Guru. Previous caste, Varna, religion, etc., all have been obliterated. Consider Guru Gobind Singh as your father, Mata Sahib Kaur as your mother, birth place Patna and you are resident of Anandpur.

ii. Early morning take bath and keep your body clean.

iii. Jap, Jaap, Swaiyas, Cahupai, Anand, Rahiras and Sohila should be recited daily, with love and adoration.

iv. Wear the five K's: Kachh, Kara, Kirpan, Kesh, and Kanga.

v. By virtue of being sons of the Guru you are all brothers. Therefore deal amongst yourselves as brothers.

vi. Consider the Ten Gurus as one light and accept Guru Granth, embodiment of the Bani of the Ten Gurus as the Guru. Accept the Khalsa as the form of the Guru. Serve sincerely and obey the Khalsa.

vii. Earn your livelihood with honest labor.

viii. Donate one tenth of your income for the Guru and put it for the progress and development of the Panth.

ix. Consider the task of the Panth as your own work and help it to accomplish with money and sincere labor.

x. To do good acts, consider that as sublime actions of man and worthy of Sikh religion.

xi. Study diligently, in particular Gurmukhi and religious books of the Khalsa and practice horse riding and use of weapons.

xii. Be humble and develop your intellect.

xiii. Consider Turban as insignia of the Qaum and protector of Keshas.

xiv. Associate with Gurmukhs (those conscious in Guru).

xv. On death and other occasions perform all rites according to Gurmat.

xvi. Make all efforts for the propagation of Gurmat.

xvii. At Gurpurbs perform Kirtan and exposition of Gurbani.

xviii. Be loyal to your master.

xix. According to the rules of the Khalsa Panth understand the advantages of the organization and remain united as if woven in a thread.

xx. Keep the daughter unvidh (no piercing of ears or nose). Treat them like sons and impart them education in secular and religious subjects.

xxi. If you happen to commit something against Dharma make amends for that in a congregation of the Khalsa.

xxii. Accept the One Almighty. Never worship any god, goddess, pir, prophet or avatar.

xxiii. Accept the Guru Granth Sahib and do not believe in any other religious books or scriptures.

xxiv. Do not believe in Omens, auspicious days, etc. These acts are done in duality.

xxv. Have (family) relations with Sikhs only.

xxvi. Do not have relations with Minas, Dhirmalias, smokers, those who practice infanticide and those who cut hair. In addition anyone who creates factions in the Panth and sets himself as Guru and goes against the counsel of the Guru never deal with him.

xxvii. Abandon forever theft, robbery, falsehood, injustice, back biting, betrayal of confidence, gambling and other demerits.

xxviii. Consider all intoxicants as destroyers of mind and body and hence abandon them.

xxix. Never call a Sikh by his half name.

xxx. Never go back on your promise.

xxxi. Do not wear the ornaments and colors worn by Chanchal (seductive) women.

xxxii. Tobacco (and other intoxicants) and the love of another's wife; these are destroyers of Dharma; abandon these.

xxxiii. Do not receive Prasad (offerings) made to any god, goddess or grave.

xxxiv. Do not commit yourself to any Sukhna (offerings for any favor).

xxxv. Never accept other's right, e.g., corruption money.

xxxvi. Except Gurdwaras do not accept any other place as your religious place.

xxxvii. Never have enmity with or envy of the loyal Sikhs of the Guru. Never think of doing harm to anyone.

xxxviii. Do not color your hair, and do not pick grey hair.

xxxix. Do not accept anything from your daughter.

xxxx. Never resort to begging.

xxxxi. Never show your back in the battlefield. Bhai Nand Lal in his book "Tausifosna" designates as supreme the Guru (Guru Gobind Singh) and considers the Sikh religion distinct and prominent from Hindus and Moslems. He says; "The Guru is much higher than the prophets of the Hindus, Atheists, Christians, Daudis and Moslems. In other words Sikh religion is prominent than others."