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November 27, 2018


Path of Naam Simran – Concept of Sikh meditation explained as a true path of salvation.


May 17, 2018


Sri Guru Amardas Ji – A detailed biography of Guru Amardas Ji posted.


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Gurumehar Singh and Gurusewak Singh

This is a story of a 22 year old young person from an American Jew family who became a Sikh and named himself Gurumehar Singh.

Gurumehar Singh was the only son of very rich parents who were greatly distressed because of their lone son turning a Sikh. First the parents tried to talk to him and convince him to come back to Judaism but when he did not agree they were very angry with him. As the parents did not succeed to convince him by love, persuasion or threats, they consulted their attorney. He advised them that the only way to do something solid was to threaten the young man that they would donate one fourth of the family inheritance for charity and as proof thereof send him the legal papers. The parents accordingly wrote to the son that they have donated one fourth of the wealth to the charities, amounting to so many million dollars. If he doesn’t come back to his original faith and start living with them, they will donate the remaining billions of dollars of property and wealth to the poor and to charities. Then he will have to live as a poor man for the rest of his life and all his addiction for his new religion will vanish away. It is well known that Jews love money and thereof Gurumehar Singh’s parents thought that when their son will see billions of dollars slipping away from his fortune, the love of money will bring him back.

After receiving the letter Gurumehar Singh phoned his parents that he would come home to meet them. His father was very happy and thought that the attorney’s advice had worked well. As their son could not see millions of dollars going away, therefore he is coming back home. The son reached to them at the appointed time. The parents were delighted to see their dear son back home, but he told them that he had not come back to live there but to congratulate them on the miracle of donating one fourth of their family wealth, amassed by forefathers through so many wrong means. He further said that before this no body in the family had ever donated any money for charities, rather they tried to grab it from others whenever they could, and now look at the grace of his Guru that as soon as he became a Singh, they have donated more than the one-tenth amount. This is the grace of his Guru on his family. He continued saying that as a mark of respect and thankfulness he will be performing ‘Akhand Path’ ceremony (non-stop reading of the holy Guru Granth Sahib) at his place on such and such date and the ‘bhog’ i.e. concluding ceremony will be after 2 days. He had come to personally invite them to join in this celebration so that they could receive the blessings of the Guru. The son went back.

After listening to their son, the parents were very much distressed and could see losing the whole game. On the day of ‘bhog’ the parents visited their son and attended congregation for prayers. The father then stood up and told the congregation that his son, after accepting Sikhism has acquired certain qualities and has shown indifference and detachment to the wealth, has elevated his spiritual condition after living in the refuge of his Guru. This has opened up their eyes and they have come here to bestow heartiest congratulations to their son on his unique achievement and request him to do them a favor of letting them join this excellent religion. Amidst ovations, Gurumehar Singh’s Jew father accepted Sikhism and started serving his new faith with his mind, body and soul and received the blessings of the Guru. He was named Gurusewak Singh.

Source - Excellence of Sikhism by Saroop Singh Alag