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November 27, 2018


Path of Naam Simran – Concept of Sikh meditation explained as a true path of salvation.


May 17, 2018


Sri Guru Amardas Ji – A detailed biography of Guru Amardas Ji posted.


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John Morgen to Jeewan Singh

John Morgen was a son of high priest Rev. Bran Morgen of Barrowford, England. Young John served British Army and police for some time but all the times he was feeling impatient. As he wanted to satisfy his spiritual quest, therefore he studied many religions but of no avail. Ultimately he came in contact with Giani Bharpoor Singh of Southampton who gave him basic understanding of Sikhism. Interest of Morgen increased for Sikhism every time he had some discussions with Giani Ji. He came more near to him and saw very intimately the way Giani Bharpoor Singh himself lives and prays. He liked everything and felt satisfaction. He started visiting Gurdwara and was delighted to see the proceedings and gladly participated in religious activities and ceremonies. He was provided with suitable literature which totally transformed him and he decided to adopt Sikhism. He discussed his plan with his pries father who after seeing the favorable change in his life of his only son, gladly allowed him to do as he wished.

John with his parents visited local Gurdwara and his father showed his son’s anxiety to become a Sikh in the congregation. At that time he spoke the following words: I would first like to thank you all for making me and my wife feel so welcome today. I really feel that I am among friends. When John told me that he had decided to become a Sikh, my first reaction was on of relief. Over the last 8 years John has been on a long and difficult spiritual journey but by becoming a Sikh that journey has become easier for him. I also began reading about Sikhism and I have come to realize just how great God is, and that he is not only in one place, in one church. He is all embracing. There is one God and we are all together hand-in-hand. I wish to thank you for showing John a way of better understanding of God, as far as any human can.

The head Granthi performed Ardas for John and whole of sangat congratulated him. John became john Singh and he immediately rushed to Kesgarh Sahib, Anandpur Sahib, India along with Giani Bharpoor Singh for partaking Amrit. He then got his new name Jewan Singh. He visited many historic Gurdwaras in Punjab and Delhi and was fascinated when he had the glimpse of Darbar Sahib. While in Punjab he never missed his wee hour Nitnem and visiting Gurdwara for couple of hours daily. He became darling of the sangat on the very next day and was being fondly remembered for a long time.

After returning to England, he joined his duty as a male nurse because he feels this profession provides him ample opportunities to serve the needy willfully. Besides his other activities, he is preparing himself to become a preacher to enlighten the hearts of misguided youths to embrace to universal philosophy of Sikhism to make the life wholesome physically, socially, economically, mentally and spiritually.

Source - Excellence of Sikhism by Saroop Singh Alag